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Jay Stikeleather

Jay Stikeleather is a fourth generation Union County North Carolina resident. Being the son of a land surveyor, Jay has grown up with a brush axe and plumb bob in hand. Before the age of electronic data collection, GPS  and computer aided drafting, Jay learned to measure and map the land with a chain, plumb bob, transit, and drafting machine. Although those days are over, the lessons learned during those early years have continued to pay off. Jay is a graduate of Central Piedmont Community College’s Surveying Technology program, and is licensed in both North and South Carolina. Jay also serves as Youth Pastor at West Monroe Baptist Church and campus Pastor at Sun Valley High School.

C.J. Stikeleather

C.J. Stikeleather began his surveying career at the age of 16. C.J. quickly fell in love with the profession and within a few years was running a survey party. Since beginning his career in 1961, C.J. has worked on a great number of projects in the Charlotte and surrounding areas. With 50 years of surveying experience, C.J. is a vital part of Providence Land Group.

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